You And Your Entire Family Can Bring "Baby Shark" To Life This Halloween

If you haven't heard "Baby Shark" by now, then you've been living under a rock. For the past four years, it has circulated on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. It's catchy, I'll admit that.

So catchy that it has raked in 3.3b views on YouTube. You read that correctly, 3.3 BILLION views! You can view it HERE...but just be warned, it's addicting and this tune will be stuck in your head, for days...

"Baby Shark" was created by Pinkfong, a Korean education startup company. The company has also created similar songs like "Monkey Banana".

Amazon has made it possible for you and your family to bring "Baby Shark" to life this Halloween, with costumes for the entire family by Rubie's. Even your dog.

The best part? These costumes actually play everyone's favorite (or not so favorite) song to accompany your Halloween trick-or-treating festivities.

Shop for the entire family HERE!

Please feel free to share your photos with us if you and your family decide to embrace "Baby Shark" this Halloween!


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