What To Do If COVID-19 Affects Your Employment

We've received a lot of messages in regards to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and what to do if it affects your employment. This would be for employees who work for a company that has shut down as well as employees who work in industries like the food or bar industry and rely on tips for income.

Many states are implementing plans that allow those who are temporarily jobless due to the Coronavirus, to be eligible for unemployment benefits. Visit your state's .gov website to learn more.

We urge the public to continue to support small local businesses, even if you can't go out and shop at their brick and mortar stores. Try purchasing a gift card from them on-line. Remember, Mother's Day and Father's Day are only a few months away. This is the perfect time to grab a gift card for your loved one and let's hope by the time those holidays arrive, the COVID-19 is behind us.

In the meantime, if you find yourself without employment, you have some at-home options to make money. We've compiled a list of tried and true companies that will pay you to do work from home. Everything from data-entry, research, article composition, web design, accounting, etc. Basically, if you know how to write an article, you can get a job from one of these sites.



Fiverr is a platform/marketplace for buying and selling online services packaged as “gigs”. These services range from web design, graphic design, videos, voice-over, copywriting to music/podcast/video editing. It's easy peasy: create a gig, deliver great work and get paid.


Freelancer.com has helped millions of businesses find freelancers for a very long time. The platform is very similar to FIVERR and Upwork. You can find just about any job you can imagine. They have jobs ranging from delivery to website development. You can find a variety of jobs that suit you on your qualifications. Just complete your profile and let them know your skill sets so they can match you to the right jobs


Upwork.com is one of the most oldest and trusted freelancing platforms on the web. Services range from graphic design, writing, research, marketing, mobile development, accounting and so much more.


Guru.com is a great site to find freelance jobs online and get paid using their secure, flexible and cost-effective platform. They have an amazing list of current job listings that will match your skills. You get paid via SafePay or AutoPay once your work is completed and approved.

I hope these online sites can help those of you who are homebound and looking for employment or extra income. I have personally used all of these sites and have had great success.

So for the time being, practice social distancing, limit going to events with crowds and for the love of God...WASH YOUR HANDS!


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