Uber Driver Changes Veteran's Life After Discovering His "Appalling" Living Conditions

Lauren Mulvihill, an Uber driver in Georgia, received a call to pick up an 89-year-old Veteran named Ronald Dembner from the hospital.

Dembner had just been discharged from the hospital and Mulvihill drove him back to his home in Stockbridge, Georgia. She was anticipating a warm welcome from family and friends to Dembner, but instead, she was faced with a heartbreaking situation.

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Once Mulvihill arrived at his home and helped him inside, she realized he needed help beyond transportation needs.

According to 11 Alive, Mulvihill said, "I thought I was going to be greeted by family members," she said. "Honestly, I thought somebody - a brother, sister, son, daughter, somebody - was going to be at the door. Then I realized it is just him. I said, 'Do you have anybody who is here to help you? Do you have anyone who checks on you?'" she said. "And he said, 'No.' He has absolutely nobody."

The house was filthy. There was mold in the bathrooms; no railing on the stairs; the rugs were soiled; and there were even dog droppings that had accumulated on the floor.

His house fell into disrepair because he has trouble moving around. He has been too afraid to call anyone for help because he is afraid that his house and dog will be taken away from him.

Photo by 11 Alive News

Mulvihill could not bear to let the veteran live in squalor any longer – so she created a public Facebook group called Helping Mr. Ronald in order to rally together some volunteers.

According to 11 Alive, Mulvihill said, “I have been back and tried to clean up, but I am a single parent and my kids cannot stay inside the home,” Mulvihill wrote in the group. “Mr. Ronald is open and willing to have someone help, but he cannot pay – and again, he is scared to death that they will make him leave his home.”

Photo by Helping Mr. Ronald

The Facebook group Helping Mr. Ronald has over 2,500 members as of September 2019. Many have joined in to help clean the house, help with repairs, stock the home with food and also feed the volunteers.

Photo by 11 Alive News

Dembner has been overwhelmed by the support of the local volunteers who have helped remove all the garbage from his home, cleaned the interior including the soiled carpeting and also repainting and hiring experts to take care of the mold situation.

“The things that are happening are so profound and being done so quickly and efficiently, I just don’t have the words to explain how grateful I am, how thankful I am,” Dembner told 11 Alive. “God bless them all for what they’ve done.”

Watch the full story by 11 Alive HERE:

If you would like to volunteer or donate to services/monetary funds, you can join the Helping Mr. Ronald Facebook Group HERE.


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