Teacher Parade Shows Support For Students During COVID-19 Pandemic

Teachers at Coosa Elementary School in Beaufort, South Carolina are finding a unique way to stay connected to their students.

One of the ideas, a parade of cars through their students' neighborhoods, sharing waves, hellos and inspiration from a distance.

Schools across the country are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's not just a "spring break" or an "extended vacation" for these students and teachers. They WANT to see each other and to continue their education, despite the circumstances.

Many teachers have expressed great sorrow in this school shutdown. That students who come from abusive homes, homes without enough food or shelter, homes without internet, etc., are being negatively impacted by this shutdown.

The teachers at Coosa Elementary School took action and decided to lift some spirits and do a "parade of teachers" through their students' neighborhoods, to show their continued support.

Thank you to all who are in the education field for your countless hours of not only home-schooling your own children, but keeping up digitally with your students and then on top of that, doing a special gesture for your students, like a neighborhood car parade.

This shows a real, genuine commitment that these teachers have for their students. They are willing to take time each day, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, to make time for their students. Thank a teacher when you see them. They are making the extra effort and helping to build our future, one child at a time.

*Video footage from Amy Beveridge of Beaufort, SC.


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