SHAKA LOVE ALOHA LIVING Reusable Organic Grocery Bag Set Product Review

Updated: Feb 6

I am so excited to share my SHAKA LOVE ALOHA LIVING Reusable Bag Set product review with you! Scroll down for my FULL review or you can watch it HERE!

Our county just recently placed the plastic bag ban in retail stores. While I am perfectly ok with that, I found their solution to be a bit of a downer. Most of the bags in my opinion, are just being tossed as easily and regularly as the old plastic bags. And are they really that better for the environment? Retailers have the option to now offer to their customers the following:

Single-use bags Oxo-biodegradable bags Compostable bioplastic bags Low-density polyethylene bags Paper bags Reusable bags Woven polypropylene bags Unwoven polypropylene bags Cotton bags

Most major retailers are offering paper bags, reusable bags made fro recycled goods and a version of reusable "plastic" bags. Walmart, for example, now offers these "reusable plastic bags". The plastic bag shows the image of a tree growing from a green, grassy ground with the words “Hand Washable. Recyclable. Sustainable. Reuse 125 times. Made in the USA” in bold letters across the bottom of the light gray bag. But does anyone REALLY reuse them? No, they most likely do not. These bags go straight into the trash, even if they reuse them for let's say a bathroom trash can liner.

So I'm still stuck with an abundance of paper bags and these so-called "reusable" bags that honestly, stink. And I mean, they literally STINK!

So a few weeks ago, I went online to search for bags that will reduce the amount of waste we experience with "plastic" and paper bags. You're probably thinking, "Kelly, why don't you just buy a reusable bag from Walmart for $.98 or bring your own cloth bag or bin?" Here's my answer. I have a ton of those bags and bins. But I always forget to put them in my car when I go out or forget to put them back into my car after unloading the groceries. I needed something where I could easily fit more than one, into my purse, something I could keep with me all the time, and not worry about remembering to put it in my car.

That's when I came across the SHAKA LOVE ALOHA LIVING Bag Set! 5 different size bags come in the set and you can easily roll them up and keep them in your purse, or even in your pocket!

Here's the deets:

🌎LARGE CAPACITY TOTES: Multipurpose 27 x 13 inch bags with long handles that allow you to sling them over your shoulder with ease while carrying heavy foods, beach towels, toys, sports gear, and more.

🌎DRAWSTRING MESH BAGS: Stash safely your green beans, asparagus, carrots, peppers, radishes, and all other fresh produce from the farmers market or grocery store in the included small (8 x 12 inch), medium (14 x 12 inch), and large (17 x 12 inch) mesh bags.

🌎TOP QUALITY MATERIALS: Reusable grocery bag set crafted from 100% organic, sustainably sourced soft cotton fabric to be long lasting, ultra durable, and machine washable for quick and easy cleaning. Contains NO plastic, only 100% top quality organic cotton, BPA free, and food contact safe.

🌎FILLED WITH ALOHA: Designed with ease of use in mind, these versatile yet stylish eco-friendly grocery bags are filled with the ALOHA spirit including Hawaiian words on the tote handle to fit harmoniously within your everyday life, reminding us to choose love and kindness, doing what is right for our planet, our self, and others.

🌎LIVE ECO-FANTASTIC: Our reusable cotton bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic bags and are sustainably sourced to be eco friendly and fair trade to better protect the future of our planet.

So I ordered the set and here's my full review after taking one of the bags to the Farmer's Market to visit my favorite Farmer, Adams Farms:

You can easily purchase the bag set here on Amazon for ONLY $20.99! I know I will be purchasing at least another set or two! Love, love, love them! The bags can also be purchased from the SHAKA LOVE ALOHA LIVING site here: www.shakalove.eco

Let me know your thoughts!


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