Red Ring Eggs

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

"Eggs in a Basket" is probably one of my favorite breakfast recipes. Something about it just makes me feel like a kid again. However, I'm trying to cut down on my daily bread intake, so I decided to try a lower carb take on "Eggs in a Basket"...thus resulted in "Red Ring Eggs". Perhaps I'm tired, even though it's only Tuesday, but I just couldn't come up with anything more clever than that. Ha! Let me know your thoughts!

For this recipe, I used one of my favorite non-teflon pans, the Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan, which I purchased in a set of 3. They have a ceramic coating and are 100% PFOA-free. They also arrived 2-day Prime shipping, which was great!

The pans have a textured cooking surface that allows for even heat distribution and they are scratch and abrasion-resistant! The handles are silicone-coated which help to avoid possible burning of the skin. Only downside, you can't put them in the oven. But I'm ok with that, that's what I have my cast iron skillet for! They are incredibly easy to clean and I feel much better knowing they are teflon-free.

So let's get started with the recipe, shall we? It's super easy and takes less than 15 minutes.

I started my recipe by washing the red bell pepper and then placing it on it's side and slicing into 1/2" rings.

I'm only using 2 rings, so I saved the top and bottom parts of the pepper for use later.

Probably for an omelet tomorrow or maybe even as an evening snack with a side of hummus.

Who knows! They'll be consumed in no time, that's for sure!

Next I added the butter to the pan over medium-low heat. Once the butter had melted, I added both rings to the pan and cooked for 3 minutes on each side.

You'll probably laugh at me but while the peppers were cooking, I was trying to figure out how to make sure that when I broke the egg into the pepper ring, there would be no chance of any shells. I suck at cracking eggs.

Problem solved. I grabbed two small bowls and cracked each egg in a separate bowl. And yes, I got shells in each bowl! Ha! Good thing I did it this way! I removed the shell pieces and added the eggs to the rings!

After adding the eggs to the rings, I seasoned them with salt and pepper, covered the pan while it was still on medium-low heat, and cooked them for approximately 4 minutes to achieve an over-medium cooked egg. You can cook for probably 2 minutes less if you like an over easy or cook 2 minutes more for well done.

Top the eggs with the chives and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Serve with your favorite side dish like hash browns, toast or breakfast meat.

I made a salad since I was making this for dinner. Next time I might add a slice of ham and mix up some hollandaise sauce. I think it would make an interesting version of Eggs Benedict!

Let me know your thoughts if you try this recipe! I loved it!

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