Magnetic Eyelash Product Review!

I've never used magnetic eyelashes before. I had the opportunity to try a set and here are my results! Check it out!

Overall, I would have to say this product review was a bust. Yes, they went on easily, but if you have to adjust them, you may risk ripping off the magnetic liner, which doesn't feel so great. On top of that, when I tried to take the magnetic liner off, it was impossible. Soap and water did not work, baby oil did not work, makeup remover did not work. I literally had to rub my eyes and peel it back with a pair of tweezers, to get the magnetic liner off my eye lids. My eyes hurt for the remainder of the day.

Despite my experience, if you'd like to try the Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner from this video, just click HERE! They are $24.99 with FREE 2-Day Prime Shipping.


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