Kenova House Displays 3,000 Pumpkins a Year

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

It's holiday decorating season and one family in Kenova, West Virginia goes all out for Halloween. All out meaning decorating AND carving 3,000 pumpkins for display at their home! Talk about getting into the holiday spirit!

Ric Griffith

Ric Griffith of Kenova, West Virginia has an amazing tradition of displaying thousands of pumpkins in his yard for Halloween. He began the tradition in 1978, starting with just five pumpkins. The next year, he did 20. The following year it was 69. Every year since, he has added a few hundred more. Now he is up to 3,000 carved pumpkins with the help of the local community and volunteers!

“It’s one of those things that there was no intent or plan,” he told TODAY Home of how it all started. “It just evolved out of a variety of factors and the response that people had to it.”

According to TODAY Home, Griffith, a local pharmacist and the former mayor of the small town, said that what started as a wacky idea has now grown into a beautiful community tradition.

Ric Griffith

Hundreds of volunteers help each year with the rinsing, drilling, cleaning out and carving of each pumpkin, which are delivered the first week of October by a local farm. Griffith said he has about 20 dedicated people who come every day to volunteer.

While all the volunteers are hard at work, Griffith said his wife makes sure they're all given a good meal.

According to West Virginia Tourism, the Pumpkin House attracts almost 30,000 tourists each year.

“Locals take great pride in it, and then there are people from around the country who plan fall trips and include it on the route just so they can see it," said President of the Cabell-Huntington Convention and Visitors Bureau, Tyson Compton. "It’s really something.”

It's officially Spooky Season! Would you be up for the 3,000 carved pumpkin challenge?


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