Jelly Belly® Wax Collection

Jelly Belly® Wax Collection - $30 ADD TO YOUR CART HERE!


Our Jelly Belly® Wax Collection creates a classic mix of fragrance and flavor. Available now for a limited time, this collector's box includes five Scentsy Bars in some of Jelly Belly's most popular flavors:

Sizzling Cinnamon, Juicy Pear, Toasted Marshmallow, Green Apple and Tutti-Fruitti. There are some actual Jelly Belly beans in these same flavors in the box as well.

  • Sizzling Cinnamon — A spicy, sweet blend of real cinnamon, orange zest and sugarcane.

  • Juicy Pear — Jam-packed with lush Anjou pears and bright vanilla cotton candy.

  • Toasted Marshmallow — Oozing with the buttery scent of fire-roasted vanilla, crystallized amber and hints of cedarwood.

  • Green Apple — A perfect fusion of tart green apples, spun sugar and candy-sweet vanilla.

  • Tutti-Fruitti — Tantalizingly fruity, juicy citrus and subtle florals swirl with wintergreen and cloves.

Individual Scentsy Bars can also be added to a Scentsy Club subscription. Learn more about Scentsy Club subscriptions HERE!

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