GREAT KIDS Healthy Snacks Subscription Box

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Most of you already know I have a mad love for subscription boxes, so when I came across the GREAT Kids Healthy Snacks subscription box, I just had to learn more. And no, I don't even have children. Ha!

There are three different snack boxes offered: 20 Snacks Box for $29.99, 30 Snacks Box for $39.95 and a GLUTEN-FREE 30 Snacks Box for $45.95. All include free monthly delivery.

The company sent me the 30 Snacks Box at a discounted price in return for my FAIR feedback on the product. I ordered the product from their website: GREAT Kids Healthy Snacks. All boxes are shipped out with FREE SHIPPING on the 22nd of each month. I received it within 7 days, on the 29th of the month via USPS. Save 25% OFF your order with my PROMO code : GKSB25 First Order HERE! 😍

I will be honest that my first impression of the box was not exactly what I had hoped for. Mainly due to the size of the box. 12" x 9" x 4" box. I suppose for $39.95, I was hoping for something a little bigger. But I opened it quickly realized this box was definitely worth the price. The box is packed full of organic and all natural snacks that if purchased separately, they would really add up in price.

Do you realize for $39.95, that's only $1.33 a day?!? That's less than SEVERAL cups of coffee at your favorite fancy coffee joint! This box is definitely worth $1.33 and more for you and the well-being and health of your child. Plus, there's no commitment, you can cancel at any time.

I decided to double-check my theory and look up each item on Amazon and see what the cost per snack would come out to if I had purchased everything separately. I was right. You do save money and definitely time with the GREAT Kids Healthy Snacks box. At the minimum, with my estimates, you'd be spending well over $10 more if you ordered each item individually with tax and shipping. See our spreadsheet below:

Something else I noticed, a lot of these items are not available to purchase in small boxes, let's say quantity of 6 or 8. You have to buy a lot and it ain't cheap!

Overall, I am very pleased with this subscription box. Even though we do not have children, these snacks are perfect for our lifestyle. They will also be great for when we hit the road and go camping.

For those who have children, this is an awesome, healthy way for your kiddos to look forward to delicious brands they know and love - plus discover new snacks! The variety in the GREAT Kids Snack Box allows a kid to sample 30 different snacks every month with the option to order his or her favorites in bulk. In addition to the Gluten-Free box, the website states that if a child has specific dietary needs, they will do their best to accommodate the child. All you have to do is contact their email support. Click HERE to try your first box and use PROMO code GKSB25 for 25%OFF!

Happy Snacking!


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