Fixin' To Eat: Southern Cooking for the Southern At Heart Cookbook Review

I am a born and raised Michigander of 34 years and while I spent a many holiday and summer vacations visiting my Grandparents in the south, it wasn't until I actually moved to the Lowcountry 6 years ago that I truly appreciated southern style cooking! My waistline might not agree, but hey, you only live once and when I discovered true southern-style Pimento Cheese, I was hooked on southern food.

So you can imagine how excited I was to do a product review on Katie Moseman's Fixin' To Eat: Southern Cooking for the Southern At Heart e-cookbook!

The e-cookbook is available on goodreads.com and is FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription or you can purchase it for $7.99. There are nine chapters to the e-book: Introduction, Breakfast, Starters, Libation Lesson: Beer, Main Dishes, Libation Lesson: Wine, Side Dishes, Libation Lesson: Spirits, and Desserts.

As you can see, Katies adds those three unique chapters to help you learn about libations. I thought that was a brilliant idea! I am clueless when it comes to pairing adult beverages with food, so this was incredibly helpful, especially when pairing with southern food.

As many of you know, we recently went back to a vegetarian lifestyle. So at first, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to use any of these recipes, because a huge part of Southern-style cuisine is meat. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of vegetarian recipes in this e-cookbook. I also know that I can take many of the meat recipes and alter them slightly to make them vegetarian by using meat alternatives.

So you probably want to know a few of my favorites from this e-book, right? Here they are:


Buttermilk Drop Biscuits. Biscuits are a classic Southern-style food that can pretty much go with any meal. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the recipe was. You can also add cheese and herbs to this recipe for added flavor.

Citrus Pecan Quick Bread. Another easy recipe that will make your family and guests think you slaved in the kitchen all morning! Super delicious and I like to add a little spread of cream cheese to each slice, right after cutting the loaf!


Pimento Cheese Stuffed Peppers. Well this is obvious. She had me at "Pimento Cheese"! Another easy recipe, perfect for holidays and get-togethers. We're not big on Jalapeño peppers, so we opted for sweet red peppers and the end result was AH-MAZING!

Everything Cream Cheese Balls. The everything bagel is my go-to when it comes to breakfast. So when I saw this recipe, I just about jumped out of bed to make it...even though it's not even a breakfast recipe! It was incredibly easy to make, perfect for parties (or just snacking on like myself) and great with crackers, bagel chips or veggies.

Coca-Cola Salad. Who loves Jell-O molds? I do! This recipe is sure to be an excellent conversation starter at parties and events. The recipe contains Jell-O, cherries, pineapple, pecans and you guessed it, Coca-Cola!


Pimento Cheeseburger. Since we're vegetarian, I obviously omitted the burger section of the recipe and just replaced it with a plant-based patty. But the pimento cheese recipe was out of this world delicious! I definitely recommend this main dish first and foremost! You can also add a small amount of chopped Jalapeño peppers to the cheese mixture for some extra kick! And if you love this recipe, you're gonna love the Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich recipe too!

Crispy Fish Sticks with Spicy Tartar Sauce. While we are primarily vegetarian, we do occasionally consumer fish, so I guess we're like pescatarian like 4 times out of the year, LOL! This recipe was again, easy to make and definitely a winner amongst kids! The recipe did not state the oven temperature, so I just cooked them at 400ºF for 10-12 minutes.


Squash Casserole. I'm a huge casserole fan, but my better half, he's not so much. However, he really liked this casserole. Only 5 ingredients and it's the perfect side dish to fulfill your comfort food cravings this fall and winter.

Creole Spiced Potato Bake. Another "casserole" dish that was a winner in our house! This would be a perfect side dish to meatloaf or even steak. We had it with our meatless meatballs and gravy. Delicious!


Bourbon White Chocolate Brownies. Need I say more? Oh my word! These literally melt in your mouth and the Bourbon gives the brownies such a distinctive flavor.

Traditional Bread Pudding. This is my Father's favorite dessert hands down. So I was excited to try and make it on my own. Thank goodness for this recipe! It was easy and literally fool-proof.

So that's my review, I really hope you check out the Fixin' to Eat: Southern Cooking for the Southern at Heart e-cookbook because it is definitely worth the $7.99 if you don't have Kindle Unlimited. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the recipes and I will also do a follow up review with on other recipes we decide to try! Thanks for tuning in!


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