Chicken Sausage & Bruschetta Gnocchi

Publix has jumped on board with ready to cook meal kits, similar to your home food delivery companies like Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Purple Carrot, etc. Basically, you go to your local Publix and they have select meals each week that contain the exact amounts of ingredients in one bag, to complete the recipe at home. This allows you to avoid purchasing full containers of ingredients and only using the amounts needed for the recipe.

While I definitely enjoy the home delivery service and I've tried the Publix meal kits in the past, I wanted to try and make this recipe on my own, using my own ingredient amounts. I opted for the Chicken Sausage & Brushcetta recipe, which at Publix is $16.99 and makes two servings.

Even though there are only two of us in the household, I prefer to make four servings. That way we have leftovers. So my question was, could I make it for less than $8.49 per serving if I purchased the ingredients on my own? I shopped all my ingredients at Walmart. Let's see how I did!

Fresh Rosemary: $0 - I have this growing in my vegetable garden.

Chunky Garlic Paste: $3.98

Chicken Sausage: $3.98

Gnocchi Pasta: $2.98

Grape Tomatoes: $2.48

1 Bell Pepper: $0.99

1 Onion: $0.78

Olive Oil: Already had in pantry.

Roasted Garlic-Herb Seasoning: $2.49

Basil Paste: $3.98

Baby Spinach: $2.26

Total: $23.92 = $5.98 per serving.

SCORE! Not only did I make more servings with what I purchased, I cut the cost down by $2.51 per serving! I also had leftover ingredients like the garlic paste, basil paste and garlic-herb seasoning, which I can use for other dishes.

Now the next question...How did it taste? DELICIOUS! This was an incredibly easy meal to make and it was a household hit. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

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