Car Seat Warmer Review!

Gotta give it to car salesmen. They knew my budget and showed me this beautiful, shiny new truck. I was sold. It was brand stinkin' new and at an affordable price, so you know me...I was SOLD.

Unfortunately, I was so excited about having a new truck, that I didn't notice the lack of features I was used to or even wanted...Overhead lights, back-up camera, and heated seats. One would think that you would look for all these features, but I was so exited to get a NEW truck AND be able to "wrap" my business vinyl wrap cost into the price of the vehicle, that I didn't even notice the little things that make us happy about our vehicles. One important one for me was heated seats. Sigh...how could I miss that???

But I did and so I've dealt with the cold seasons without having my butt warm. Not a major issue, I'm from Michigan as it is, so the 40 degree winters here in South Carolina are not that brutal, but after time, one's blood thins and you do wish you had heated seats in the winter.

So I was extremely excited when I was asked to do a product review on a portable heated seat for cars. The Big Hippo Heated Car Seat! This is what I've been waiting for!

The Big Hippo Car Heat Seat was affordable, especially with the current coupon on Amazon and it was easy to install! Check out my full video below!

Hope you enjoy and you can purchase this amazing Big Hippo Heated Car Seat HERE: https://amzn.to/2XqwKWs


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