All-In-One Hair Dryer

I was skeptical of this product. I won't lie. But let me tell you, this literally BLEW my mind...no pun intended. Ok, that pun was intended, LOL!

I struggle when it comes to styling my hair. I have very fine hair and it is what I like to call "Mermaid Hair". It's not quite curly and not quite straight, just wavy and curly wherever it wants to be. So normally, I will blow dry my hair (without really using a brush) and then flat iron the heck out of it to get it straight. I know my hair stylist will cringe at this. But I lack the coordination of using a round brush and a hair dryer, to achieve the straight look my hair stylist always gives me. Hence, the fact that I just dry it and then iron the crap out of it. Probably not so great on the hair. I get it.

So I was contacted by this company to do a product review. Yup, as I said before, I was very hesitant to see that it would actually work. I mean, I can barely curl my hair without burning myself. How is this all in one hair dryer going to work for me? They proved me wrong. Big time.

This is by far the BEST hair dryer I have ever used. Not only does it straighten my hair, it doesn't burn it and my hair doesn't get tangled in the brush like it normally does when I try and use a brush and hair dryer separately.

Oh and did I mention it's only $33.99? This has been a win win for me. Wow. I think everyone on my Christmas list will be getting one this year! HA!

Check out my full video review where I use the all in one hair dryer brush for the first time. Get ready to be AMAZED!

Here are the specs from Amazon:

  • 3-IN-1 Hair Dryer Brush - Beewarm hair brush dryer offers a modernized solution for drying, straightening, curling only in one hand, styling away from the blow dryer, round brush and flat iron.

  • Styling Within Half Hour - This hot air brush is specifically designed for fast drying and hair volumization.Its effective ionic technology breaks down moisture droplets into smaller ones so its amazing drying power works faster.

  • 3 Heat/Speed Settings for Styling - 1000W power provides just the right heat. Fast heat-up, save you half the time. LOW is high speed but low heat.

  • MIDDLE is low speed but medium heat. And HIGH is high speed and high heat.

  • Unique Oval Brush Design - Oval Brush Design quickly creates volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied curls or waves at the ends, while air flow freely through the brush to faster dry your hair, superior save your time and free your hand.

  • Care Your Hair - Negative Ionic technology reduces the build-up of static electricity in the hair, along with tangle-free antistatic bristles, completely eliminates frizz and enhances shine for silky smooth hair.

If you'd like to purchase the all in one hair dryer, check it out HERE!

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